Powers communication between businesses and their customers across multiple channels - SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Viberr, FB Messenger, Instagram, Google Business Messages, e-mail and more. We reach billions of devices and serve over 20,000 customers worldwide. Our customers include Abbott, Aegon, DBS Bank, Domino’s, drdoctor, Facebook, Grab, Google, ING, Lenovo, Rabobank, Shopee and Tokopedia.

Main Product

Flow Builder

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Flow Builder is not a separate product, but an implementation and automation tool. It enables our customers to leverage all the communication channels that MessageBird offers without much development or technical investment.

Flow Builder supports all MessageBird supported channels and platforms: SMS, Voice, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE, Telegram, Web RTC, and Omnichannel.

Flow Builder is a visual editor that makes it easy for our customers (both technical and non-technical) to build and automate communication flows and integrate these flows within their current stack. Use cases range from auto-replies and chatbots to advanced, multi-channel customer communication flows.

Flow Builder makes it possible for anyone to build a simple call-forwarding flow. Through Flow Builder, we aim to make our platform and its solutions accessible to developers and non-developers alike.


With the launch of the first-ever omnichannel widget, customers have the option to have a business get back to them on WhatsApp, Messenger, or the messaging platform of their choice. This means no more customers waiting in line, agents don’t get flooded with tickets and they can manage customer relationships and response times more efficiently.

The live chat widget includes support for WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Twitter, SMS, Email, and Voice. The Omnichannel Chat Widget syncs seamlessly with Inbox, meaning every message, across every channel, is aggregated in one Inbox window internally on the business side, while the customer enjoys the flexibility to use their preferred channels, at their convenience.


Inbox is an omnichannel contact center solution for SMBs & Enterprises. For lack of better comparison, where Slack is for your employees, Inbox is for your customers. It enables customers to communicate with businesses via practically any channel of their choosing. This includes WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, Messenger, Instagram, WeChat, RCS, Line, and Telegram. Regardless of the channel, incoming messages and customer conversations are presented in a single thread for easy ticketing and collaboration amongst support agents. Unified Customer Profiles made accessible for smaller teams, while also providing enterprise-level features for skill-based routing, agent insights, and live queue analytics. Inbox will enable businesses to create exceptional customer experiences with fewer resources. And we will give consumers something invaluable: we will give them their time back. Less time on hold, less time explaining the situation, and less time repeating themselves.


Toky is a full-featured Business Phone System that allows customers and teams to communicate seamlessly using the internet. With virtual phone numbers from around the world, users can make themselves available to local customers no matter where their company is based. Toky's integrations with major CRM and other business tools not only will allow businesses to get in touch with contacts with a single click, but it also logs details of every call made. It already comes with an ample set of features including Call Recordings, Voicemail, SMS, & Transcriptions.


24sessions develops technology and services to help businesses personally connect with their customers via video. They were founded in 2015 and rank as the 16th fastest growing tech company in the Netherlands according to Deloitte (2020). 24sessions believes that personal is not the same as in-person. Their technology is built to meet with customers, not colleagues. So banks, insurers and other enterprise service providers can bring the human back into their digital service.

WhatsApp Business API

Connect to users on the world's most popular messaging app with our WhatsApp Business API and Inbox.


Do more with MessageBird. Add SMS and Chat functionalities to your tools with plug-ins. Please reach out to your Partner Manager about third-party integrations.

Solutions for the Insurance industry.

Here are some use cases that we are enabling in Insurance.

Insurance Pitch

India has over 450M users on WhatsApp, 112M on Messenger and 80M on Instagram. Send OTPs, automated premium and renewal reminders and up-sell and cross-sell offers to consumers through the app of their choice. Use our AI algorithms to gauge intent and transfer consumers from one channel to another. Customers we do this for today include the likes of DBS Bank.

Prospects can start a conversation with you on your website, continue it on WhatsApp and when required transfer to a voice call. Initial queries, FAQs and data gathering can be automated, allowing for faster service and improved agent productivity. This helps reduce the load on call centers, speeds up customer engagement and increases satisfaction. Like what we do for Aetna, Nujek or Aramex. Your digital campaigns can include a “Click to WhatsApp” option, thereby making them more actionable.

Create high touch and effortless live-video experiences for your customers anywhere, anytime, even on mobile. Through video calls, screen and document sharing, agents are fully equipped to explain the most complex topics such as insurance policies, contracts or retirement schemes. Video can be integrated into your existing customer flows and customers don’t need to install any apps on their mobile phones. We’ve enabled video conversations for the likes of Aegon, Rabo Bank and ING.

Lifesciences Pitch

Here are some use cases that we are enabling in Lifesciences.

Automated Patient Conversations

This includes services like appointment scheduling, reminders, product updates, etc. A good example is DrDoctor, a UK company that is using us to help the UK National Health Service (NHS) save £3 Million per year by reaching hundreds of thousands of patients anytime, anywhere with reminders and alerts via SMS and Voice. More here. This also means reducing load on call centers, speeding up customer support and increasing customer satisfaction by automating responses through WhatsApp, Messenger or SMS. Like what we did for Nujek or Aramex. After all, nobody likes to dial a call center and wait.

Reaching Consumers through their preferred channels

Like what we are doing for a global healthcare company that realized post Covid they could no longer rely on traditional ways of engaging with consumers - through a call center or in-person meetings with healthcare professionals. They are making their Salesforce Marketing Cloud omni-channel, giving consumers the option to engage with them on WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, WeChat and Facebook Messenger. A consumer can simply scan a QR code on product packaging and engage in a dialogue with the company.

Consultation Video Calling

This involves a doctor conducting an online video session instead of visiting the patient. Or giving health insurers the ability to provide digital services. Like we do for Partena in Belgium.